Monday, August 31, 2009

Carnival of the Elitist Bastards XVI: Embarrassment of Booty

COTEB XVI be up at Quiche Moraine. 'Twas a good voyage. Everybody died!

Ye'll have t' read t' whole story to find out what happened next...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

One More Day to Get Aboard!

We be sailin' this weekend, me hearties, and most o' ye still seem to be in the taverns. Rouse yerselves and man yer posts! Submissions need to be in by end o' day Friday, or ye won't be part o' this next epic journey o' the HMS Elitist Bastard.

So pick yer best Elitist Bastardly post (or two, or e'en three if ye're Bastard enough) and send it in to

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ye've Ten Days t' Get Aboard!

Aye, it be that time again! Extract yerselves from the dens o' iniquity (where ye've been discussing philosophy o'er the finest wine, right? Right?). Send me a link to yer finest Elitist Bastardry no later than Friday, August 28th. We be sailin' wi' Captain Stephanie from Quiche Moraine, and she be intendin' to sail wi' a full crew.

For those o' ye who've watched the Bastards sail and think ye might be o' proper caliber for such an illustrious crew, here be the requirements:
1. Pick a blog post o' yours that hits the stupid where it hurts.

2. Send us the link.
That be it.

See ye aboard!