Friday, November 28, 2008

Ahoy, There! The Ship Be Sailin' Tomorrow!

Ye don't want to miss the boat, now, do ye? I know ye be nursin' a turkey hangover, an' ye might be wonderin' where all the rum's gone, but elitist bastards stop for no ill and no holiday. Get yer links in to me, or ye'll be regrettin' it. I'll be watchin' for ye until the clock strikes midnight.

NaNo sufferers - I know ye don't be havin' time for articles. We'll take a snippet o' prose instead. I be thinkin' that'll be elitist bastardly enough.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shore Leave Be Over

We put the dogs o' ignorance to rout and fired their ships, but the mission o' the HMS Elitist Bastard tisn't over! Aye, and the wise Captain Paul from Café Philos be callin' ye to arms. We set sail once again on November 29th. Muster the best o' your elitist bastardry and get yourselves aboard by the 28th. Send all o' yer links to me, and take pride in the name of elitist bastardry!