Sunday, June 1, 2008

Oh, Noes! I Left A Crew Member On the Docks!

Attention Elitist Bastards and readers: this is your captain speaking. Your captain has just discovered that not only is it important to do rollcall before getting underway, but to make sure the list one is doing rollcall from includes all the crew members.

I got so excited over all the links working and the narrative coming together so well, I didn't see that Blake Stacey of Science After Sunclipse, on of the earliest contributors and staunchest supporters, had been left running along the dock shouting "Wait! You forgot me!"


If it's any consolation to Blake, the realization of this did wake me from a dead sleep three hours after I'd drifted off today. I lept from my bed, screamed a few cursewords, grabbed caffeine and nicotine, and immediately set about revising history.

In our alternate universe, Blake never missed the boat. It seemed a lot more just than tacking him on lamely at the end with a "Heh heh my bad" note. No, he richly deserves to be part of our original narrative, and so now he is - you can find his delightful An Alloy of Pleasures tucked neatly in between the fight at the docks and NP's dictionary battle. I think it's only fitting that Blake be the one to see us through the storm.

Please do go back, read his part in the story, and click through to his beautiful piece on the pleasures of being a very Elitist Bastard indeed.

Blake, flowery apologies aren't enough, so I won't offer them. What I will offer is drinks on me when you and I find each other in the same city one day. It's the least your captain can do for bloody leaving you in a dockside tavern going, "Hey? Where'd everybody go?"

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Blake Stacey said...

Thanks for revising history on my behalf! :-)

"Hey? Where'd everybody go?"

The funniest part is how often that happens in real life.