Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Have Ye Got a Little Captain In Ye?

Ye know ye have.  And ye know ye want t' take the helm o' the HMS Elitist Bastard.  We've plenty o' commands open, so pick yer month (and an alternate in case another captain gets there first) and email me yer choices at

Here's what we've available:

October 31st - November 1st

December 26th - 27th

January 30th - 31st

February 27th - 28th

March 27th - 28th

Helmin' the ship be simple.  I send ye the links, ye post the links on yer blog, and perhaps spin us a wee tale to boot.  Have ye got it in ye?

O' course ye do!  So sign on, take the helm, and show the world what Elitist Bastard Captains be made of!

1 comment:

george.w said...

Put me down for 31 October; I'll spin up a tale from me table.