Sunday, July 6, 2008

Capitans y Reservas!

The ayes have it: The Carnival of the Elitist Bastards is staying monthly, at least for now. That means I have many captains and not enough ship. As Rowan Atkinson so memorably said, "I'm afraid I'll have to split you into groups."

Captains for the next nine months are as follows:

July 26th - PZ Myers, Pharyngula

August 30th - Blake Stacey, Science After Sunclipse

September 27th - NP, The Coffee-Stained Writer

October 25th - John Pieret, Thoughts in a Haystack

November 29th - Paul Sunstone, Café Philos

December 27th - Ames, Submitted to a Candid World

January 31st - Efrique, Ecstathy

February 28th - Chaos Lee, The Chaos Hangover

March 28th - Atheist Chaplain, So You Think I'm a Barstard

A lot of worthy names didn't make that list for an excellent reason: I'm keeping you in reserve.

Reserve officers are essential in any enterprise. Should we lose a captain, you're there to step up to the helm. Should this thing take off beyond all reasonable expectations and we be forced to set sail every two weeks, I have a ready pool of captains to pull from rather than frantically searching for warm bodies. And if neither of these things happen, you'll still be helming the ship: it just won't be within the next nine months.

With that much organized, I think it's time for a rousing sea chanty:


Anonymous said...

As a Protoss Corsair once said, I stand ready - ready for battle!

I do wish we could have more of these though. I think we have the captains and the interest. Why not push it back to twice monthly?

Dana Hunter said...

Aye, I see ye standing there all a-fire, Captain!

Alas, all the others have voted we wait till fall before we go doing anything like two sailings a month. And I canna gainsay 'em.

Yet. ;-)