Sunday, May 18, 2008

Housewarming Party!

Welcomes! Come right in, pour yourself a drink, throw something energetic on the stereo, and let's get cracking on sprucing the place up.

I figure we can use the comments thread here for opinions, input, suggestions, and requests. Please use it before you mess about with something that one of your fellow decorators has worked hard on - i.e., if you have the most brilliant idea evah for the header but someone's already beautified it, ask here before you get to the modifying. But if there's blank real estate, it's yours to have your way with.



Anonymous said...

Ok. My Lexus has safely reverse parked itself out the front. Look, but don't touch. What's with the invite? I thought erudition was a pre-requisite.

Dana Hunter said...

The invite's for those who want to help make this place look like the kind of pad Elitist Bastards would hang about in. Are you here for the interior decorating, the Carnival, or both?

Anonymous said...

A good start Dana. Needs some color first of all and some Billy Idol playing, but the sentiment is in place. I think people need to get over the concept of the word and embrace their inner bastardness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dana. I have come along for both. I do feel that the tenor of the room might suffer if the commoners are encouraged to participate. Thus, the suggestion that one need not be "particularly learned or expert" makes me mildly nauseous. That's what Wikipedia is for.

Some might call me a stubborn and uptight bastard. Thank you.
Others may complain that the hard work has already been done, and that I am just crashing the party with belated trivialities. I beg to differ. There is an important distinction to be made between the well educated bastard and the highly qualified bastard. The former is rightly identified as an Elitist bastard, while the latter is merely a bastardised elitist. In Australia we might call this the great Tall Poppy/ Smartarse divide.

By the way, I love the concept. I hope it all goes well and attracts a discerning crowd.


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