Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Signature Poem

“The 21st Century”

In the 21st Century.
People can no longer hear,
because they have surrendered
their ears.
And instead they survive
every second by shooting
a drug called apathy
directly into their veins.

In the 21st Century.
People can no longer see,
because they have gouged
their eyes.
And instead they cope
worm like by following
the noise of culture
blaring from every corner.

In the 21st Century.
People can no longer taste,
because they have severed
their tongues.
And instead they seek
sensations by observing
the suffering and
disasters of others.

In the 21st Century.
People can no longer feel,
because they have flayed
their skin.
And instead they crave
nourishment by rooting
in putrid refuse
heaped in the gutter.

In the 21st Century.
people can no longer care,
because they have siphoned
their brains.
And instead they grope
hopelessly for understanding
by desperate fondling
of the drug called apathy.

Brian A. Fowler

I submit this poem to be adopted by the Elitist Bastards as the standard to be carried to the barricades. Well maybe not the barricades, maybe a fair distance back. Oh who are we kidding, let's just hang out in a cafe drinking and smoking and bemoaning the lack of culture. If that was good enough for the icons in the Golden Age of Reason, it's good enough for us.

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Dana Hunter said...

Seconded! Drinking out of the line of fire seems a fine idea to me!