Friday, May 30, 2008

Kaden Adds to Our Decor - Bigtime

Paul's finally got some help with the graphics! Kaden just dropped a ton o' good stuff in my inbox for ye to choose from:

Black badge

Monogram badge

Nametag badge

I'll load them into the sidebar as soon as I've got a bit more time. In the meantime, feel free to filch them from this post. And don't forget that Paul has your Elitist Bastards right in the sidebar! We're spoiled for choice now, and there's only going to be more where all this comes from.
If you've created Carnival art, drop me a note or post it up!


Dana Hunter said...

PS - if you need original quality artwork, let either me or Kaden know.

Efrique said...

Oh, I like the first black one.

But the nametag is brilliant! Next time I see a nametag that says "Hi, I'm ...", I doubt I'll be able to resist writing "an Elitist Bastard!" on it!